Three sensational new puds join our menu

We’ve made friends with the colder weather – after all, it’s helped us come up with the tastiest, most comforting puds you can imagine. But you don’t have to just imagine them – you can taste them now at your local Crown Carvery. 

Our menu for the colder months has three new wonderful puds to keep you cosy – classic home-baked jam sponge & custard from £2.59, indulgent chocolate & orange tart from £3.59 and decadent, limited-edition chocolate torte.

Classic comfort

All our new puds are specially designed to reflect the season. After all, what says ‘cold-weather classic’ better than a home-baked sponge topped with strawberry jam and served in a pool of piping-hot custard?

More of a chocoholic? Is our chocolate pastry base topped with chocolate filling and orange-flavour sponge, sprinkled with chocolate pieces and served with Belgian chocolate sauce and fluffy cream chocolaty enough for you? 

Want more chocolate? We’ve got more chocolate

Our new chocolate torte is as indulgent as desserts get and its luxuriousness makes it a rarity. As a limited edition there’s only so much to go round but, because we love to spoil you, we've also included it in our two-course meal deal, along with our jam sponge & custard. So why not pop into your local Crown Carvery and make the most of the chance to combine either with your favourite pub classic.

See? The colder weather’s everyone’s friend.